At Taybray we’re proud suppliers and distributors of Shepherd Filters. Considered the ultimate protection for commercial kitchen extraction systems within in the catering industry. 
Shepherd Filters are sustainable and environmentally friendly designs, proven to capture up to 98% of airborne grease – before it even enters your commercial kitchen extraction system. 
A Shepherd Filter in your commercial kitchen can save you time, money and potentially even save lives. Read on to discover how a Shepherd Filter could benefit your business.
Potential Fire Risk
In the UK fires in restaurants are statistically most likely to have been caused in the kitchen due to a poorly maintained exhaust extraction system. Over time grease from cooking can build up in the hood filter and needs to be regularly maintained – it is when this isn’t maintained that it poses a dangerous risk to staff and members of the public.
Alarmingly it doesn’t even take a great quantity of grease to start a fire in a commercial kitchen, with as little as 2mm of build up in a standard filter posing a fire risk. Grease fires can burn through a typical fast food restaurant in as little as 5 minutes causing a devastating loss of income and possibly a rejection of insurance claims.
Cutting Costs
As any catering business owner will know, a commercial kitchen is committed to regular deep cleaning on either a nightly or weekly basis – which can amount to a huge cost in labour. Maintaining filter systems and grease hood systems can be an expensive cost also; they’ll require regular repairs and maintenance.
Not forgetting the environmental costs from the chemical-cleaning agents need to remove any build up of grease in a commercial kitchen. Chemical cleaning agents are toxic to humans and have a serious impact on the environment once they have been disposed of.
Shepherd filters provide an effective solution to these issues. Their disposable grease filters capture up to 98% of grease particles and can be disposed of with your regular rubbish. Made from wool they are fire retardant as well as biodegradable, making them much more environmentally friendly.
Taybray distribute Shepherd Filters across the UK. The filters are available in all sizes and kitchen exhaust systems, they are easy to install and can be installed over existing filters.
Get in touch with our team today to discuss how Shepherd Filters could be beneficial in your commercial kitchen.

Here's what Tim Sayers from The Safety Lab has to say about Shepherd Filters -
"They are proving very effective at controlling the amount of grease going into my ductwork. 
I'm confident my duct clean frequency will reduce dramatically now!"

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