Specialist Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Essex 

At Taybray, we offer a variety of comprehensive commercial cleaning services in Essex, specialising in commercial kitchen cleaning. Based in Colchester and covering the whole of Essex and Greater London, our commercial cleaners are fully-trained, certified and insured to complete specialist commercial kitchen cleaning services, including Kitchen Equipment Cleaning, Extract Cleaning, Canopy Cleaning and Duct Cleaning, as well as general cleaning for optimum hygiene.
Working in the food sector, you must comply with the Health and Safety Act and Food Hygiene Act.

At Taybray, our commercial cleaning services consistently meet strict industry standards, ensuring your commercial kitchen is spotless and of a professional standard – free of harmful bacteria, grease and blockages that may otherwise cause a fire and contamination. A safe environment for your staff and customers is paramount to your business' reputation. 
Every year, we clean hundreds of commercial kitchens both big and small, including the kitchens of large chain restaurants as well as independent pubs, cafes, restaurants, diners, canteens and hotels and even offices throughout Essex. 
Our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services
At Taybray, our specialist Commercial Cleaners Essex team is fully equipped and trained to provide an array of thorough and affordable commercial kitchen cleaning services to suit you. Below, explore some of our most frequented commercial cleaning services.
Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
You must regularly have your kitchen equipment cleaned to ensure optimum hygiene and food safety and, consequently, guarantee that dirt, grease and food built up in your equipment doesn't cause illness to your customers or employees. Build up of grease will also lead to functionality issues, which could result in costly repair or replacement. Our kitchen equipment cleaning services include gas, electric and convection oven cleaning, microwave cleaning and fridge cleaning.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
Our thorough and affordable general commercial kitchen cleaning services include cleaning your surfaces, floor and walls to keep your commercial kitchen free of harmful bacteria, grease and dirt which may otherwise cause illness.
Canopy Cleaning
Your kitchen canopy is incredibly susceptible to grease, and bacteria build up which can not only lead to the growth of dangerous moulds that may cause illness but also cause a fire if blocked. Clean your canopy at least twice a year.

Extract Cleaning
The Essex Fire Brigade reports there is a kitchen fire every nine days in Essex and Greater London due to poor ventilation. Often neglected at the owner's peril, if you do not regularly clean your extraction system, fats, oils and other greasy deposits and particles can build up, resulting in a less efficient air flow which increases the risk of fire and contamination.

Duct Cleaning
Air quality in commercial buildings is the key to safe working conditions, as well as customer safety. At some point, all duct systems in commercial environments, including food preparation factories, become contaminated with bacteria that can cause illness. At Taybray, our duct cleaning service disinfects your ducts and removes possible contamination.
High Level Cleaning
Our of sight shouldn't mean out of mind. Our team of high level cleaners in Essex are fully trained to operate scissor lifts, self-propelled boom lifts, and cherry pickers to reach your high level surfaces, including air conditioning systems, safely and efficiently. Other cleaning services include pressure washing, window cleaning and property exterior cleaning.

Contract Cleaning
At Taybray, we aim to introduce a hassle-free cleaning system to keep your premises spotless. Our specialist commercial cleaners in Essex will provide cleaning schedules, as well as site audits and staff management. To give you more time to focus on your business, put your commercial cleaning needs in the safe hands of Taybray. We also provide commercial maintenance services to keep your business running smoothly, including PAT testing, electricals and plumbing.

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