Improve your building's air quality with effective air filtration 

Not having air filters fitted to your HVAC system means poor air quality, which can cause illness. Air filters help to stop the spread of potentially harmful emissions and particles which, ultimately, improves air quality and ensures the health of your employees or the public.
Research shows that employee productivity in an office environment improves with better air quality.
At Taybray, we provide air filter installation, maintenance and replacement services to ensure your air quality is always at its best. We work with G1-G17 grade filters for all types of environments, from industrial buildings to shopping centres, offices, restaurants and more. Our range includes: 

  • Panel filters 
  • Bag filters 
  • HEPA filters 
Our team can also advise on what's best for your environment and HVAC system if you’re unsure.
Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation.