The Importance of Cleaning Your Kitchen Ductwork

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As local Indian restaurant, Shenfield Tandoori, was just last week engulfed in flames it really highlighted the importance of maintaining your kitchen's ductwork. Firefighters assessed the cause of the fire only to discover that it started in the cooker hood, before spreading through the ducting. The fire had been smouldering for around 8 hours before it's discovery.

This is sadly only too common a tale for industrial kitchens. Due to the volume of food being cooked constantly, the ductwork is trapping large amounts of grease, smoke and grime on a regular basis. Over time this builds up to create a layer of grease, if this grease is subjected to a high temperature it can easily ignite and cause a fire. Grease fires are particularly dangerous - due to their high level of heat - so it is crucial to take as many preventative measures as possible.

Regular vent hood cleaning not only works as a preventative measure against fires, but it also reduces the risk of dangerous emissions, and can even keep your insurance costs down.

For the protection of your customers, employees, as well as the surrounding general public, residents and properties, commercial kitchen extract ductwork must be cleaned and maintained to comply with TR/19 guidelines. Taybray are a market-leader in TR/19 compliance. We offer specialist cleaning services and support to put in place processes that ensure on-going TR/19 compliance, with appropriate regular inspection, testing and cleaning. 

We recommend cleaning your ductwork at least once a year, when was the last time you had yours cleaned?
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