One day, one thousand miles and two deep cleans: Taybray goes nationwide

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So, you thought Taybray was little more than some local commercial cleaners in Essex, huh? Think again!

September is always a busy time at Taybray – summer holidays are over, which means plenty of school kitchens to get up to scratch before the toffee sponge cake hits the oven, and everyone likes to get an early start on their autumn cleaning, before having to think about Christmas dinners – but we never anticipated just how busy this year would be.

As August dwindled, our phone lines were ringing tirelessly, and we scheduled a cleaning adventure like no other. Typically, our Essex commercial cleaners stick to the local area and those surrounding, including Suffolk, Greater London and, often, Kent; however, last week brought with it a challenge we hadn't tackled before – and we're not just talking about the UK roads, that's for sure. One early morning, two Taybray vans set out with six of our best commercial cleaners in tow and, for the first time, they waved ‘bye!’ to Essex and London and travelled onto picturesque Surrey for a school kitchen deep clean.

Arriving at a school deep in the English countryside, our team worked away on a school kitchen deep clean to get everything fresh and ready for the new year. Cleaning high and low, we scrubbed, sprayed and sanitised the kitchen equipment, surfaces and floors, extractor fans, ducts and canopy – and it was a job well done, but the day wasn't over! Hopping back in the van, our team ventured further into unexplored territory, eventually pulling up outside a commercial kitchen in Bristol – or Little London, as you might know, it. Once again, the team and equipment were out the van before you could say 'clean!' and by the end of the afternoon, the surfaces, equipment and various levels were sparkling. 
In one big shift, our team of six travelled over 800 miles and cleaned two large commercial kitchens. 
And guess what? Our nationwide commercial cleaning adventures don't and won't stop there. This week, three of our experienced cleaners are off to the Isle of Wight for a stay-away clean and we have plenty of further afield projects on the horizon. As if from nowhere, Taybray has gone from being the go-to in Essex to in-demand across England and the UK.
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